Keeping Score

If you’re serious about improving, you need to start measuring your success.  I’m not talking about what you sell versus your quota – that’s obvious.  Its the sub-components of the sale that need to be inspected and recorded to drive incremental improvement to your productivity.

Professional sports organizations have known for years that looking beneath the surface can tell you a lot. Baseball teams have gone beyond the measurement of typical statistics – RBI’s and ERA (two of the most popular measuring sticks) – to sabermetrics, where players are ranked by obscure stats like “On Base plus Slugging” percentage or “Late Inning Pressure Situations”.

Proactive sales reps and managers apply this mindset to business life. They examine individual sales process components and look for areas of improvement. Typical stats might include:

  • Cold call to appointment ratio
  • Appointment to proposal ratio
  • Proposal to engagement (sale) ratio
  • Average transaction size to quota ratio
  • Average time from initial sale to upgrade/second sale
  • Close ratio per vertical industry

These probably won’t overlap perfectly with your industry, so look beneath the surface and pick what’s important you.  I guarantee you’ll uncover a couple of nuggets that can contribute to your success.  You’re missing a lot if you’re not keeping score.


One Response to “Keeping Score”

  1. Wil Brawley Says:

    Nice. Good post. Maybe you should write “Moneysales” to help underscore the value of uncommon sales stats.

    Seriously, this is great advice. Top performers are never satisfied and are always tinkering with stuff and trying to get incrementally better every day.

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