The Power of One Truly Productive Day

Popular studies show that the average amount of productive work, I mean actual work, that an employee in the U.S. completes in a single work day is less than 6 hours.  When you consider the time wasted on the Internet, in personal conversations, useless meetings, and interruptions from your personal and professional contacts, it doesn’t take much of a stretch to arrive at that number.

So what is the impact of productivity to your success?  Your earnings?  Your career?

Everything you do in sales has a cumulative effect.  You make the 5th call on a prospect and he finally picks up the phone.  You get the appointment, and come in to present.  Your presentation goes well and you’re invited to submit a proposal.  Your proposal is accepted, and you win the deal.  The prospect becomes a customer, and agrees to serve as a reference.  That single reference helps you close 5 other deals, each of whom offer to serve as references themselves.  And so it goes.

The amazing impact of that one event, that 5th cold call, is mind blowing.  And if you fill the unproductive spaces in a single day with dozens of these events, imagine how your professional life would change.  20 years from now, the difference between that “typical day”, and “one truly productive day” create a gap that can be measured in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars.

Lots of people have written about the 5th cold call.  But not many have taken the time to consider what one truly productive day could actually mean.  When you do, it certainly makes picking up the phone a little easier.


One Response to “The Power of One Truly Productive Day”

  1. Wil Brawley Says:

    I like taking what I call “Jack Bauer Day” on occasion. I “go dark” and cut off all communications with everybody accept my prospects. If you’re not a prospect, you won’t have any luck getting in touch with me on a Jack Bauer day. The result is a huge burst in productivity, where I get more done in one day than three “typical” days.

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