You and Your Ego

In your personal life, you’ve probably got it pretty good.  Your wife is better looking than she should be, you’ve got an above average house and a couple of nice cars.  Odds are, you make more money than your non-sales friends (certainly more than your customers), and you maintain a flexible schedule and a respectable golf handicap.

But if you’re smart, your customers will never know this about you.  If you’re smart, you will allow your customer and his interests to take center stage, you’ll humor his stories, put up with his know-it-all attitude, and maintain humility throughout.  In other words, you will focus on his job, his house, his family – his life.

It can be frustrating to suffer through the ego trips of a middle level manager who has as much talent as you have in your pinkie finger.  But don’t let it get to you.  It comes with the territory, with the profession you chose.  That’s why you get paid well – because for 1 hour, you have the ability to let a guy who got picked last in elementary school dodge ball (and never got the girl) feel like the man.

There’s only room for one ego during a sales call, and the successful sales professional never forgets to check his at the door.


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