Just Because You Can

You have a market value.  Your market value is maximized when you do what you’re paid to do.  If you’re a sales person, that means that your highest market value is realized when you focus on selling.  Pretty straightforward, right?

Then why are you wasting time on expense reports, RFP responses, quotes, unnecessary meetings, conference calls, fixing the problem, and perhaps, even driving yourself to appointments?  Every one of these tasks can be delegated to someone who can’t do what you do best – sell.

Outsource.  Hold people accountable.  Focus on maximizing your effectiveness.

Just because can do something doesn’t mean you should.


2 Responses to “Just Because You Can”

  1. SF Says:

    Not sure I agree with that, sales is way more than getting the PO in most businesses. Can you imagine the amount of support one salesperson would need if all those other duties came from other people? I think in a perfect world you are right.

  2. Your Boat Has a Leak « Intelligent Selling Says:

    […] of wasted money in my life are the hours and minutes I waste each day.  As I wrote in a recent post, each one of us has a market value.  Boil that market value down to an hourly rate, and you can […]

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