Fish or Cut Bait

Nobody likes rejection.  But the sooner you come to terms with the fact that not everybody’s going to like you (and not everybody’s going to buy from you), the happier you’ll be.  Our lives are cluttered with pending transactions, pending consummated relationships (in the business sense), some of which we allow to linger for weeks and months.

It can be difficult to confront the situation, to sift through your list of opportunities and find those that are real, those that are true.   We are taught to look at the positive side of things, to see the glass half full.  But face it:  some of the customers you call on will never buy from you, and some of the proposals you have on the table will never close.

Your time is worth something, so don’t throw it away on deals you only wish would close.  Force the issue.  Go for the “no”.  Get these make believe deals off of your radar screen.  The sooner you get to an answer, the sooner you can move on to genuine opportunities that deserve your undivided attention.


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