I just looked at Forbe’s list of the richest people in the world.  Call me superficial, or a dreamer, but I’d love to make that list one day.  One thing that stands out to me, when I look at the top 10 for this year, is that the average age is 65.7 years.  In a strange way, that’s comforting to me, to know that there’s still time to make a huge dent in this world.

Consider Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle.  Ellison started Oracle when he was in his 30’s. He’s now 65 and the 6th richest man in the world, with a net worth of $28 Billion.  What’s more impressive is that he started his company with only $1,400.  That’s $5,200 in 2010 money.  Incredible.

Right now, in garages and basements around the world, dreamers and doers are launching the next Microsoft, the next Oracle, the next Google.  I’m not even close to what Larry Ellison or Bill Gates have achieved, but I’ve got plenty of time, I’m hungry, and I’ve got $5,200.


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3 Responses to “$5,200”

  1. Mr. Z Says:

    Dark, stormy, and now deep…

  2. Mr. Z Says:

    Wait just a dang blum min. here fella, I just say a name…Matt has come out of the closet! nice

  3. Wil Brawley Says:

    I love the Ellison story and this inspiring post Matt. I’ll admit I don’t have any interest in creating the next Google or Microsoft or Oracle, so I’m pretty sure I’ll never sniff the top 100 list. But I would make the case that lots of people can aim lower and still build a successful, profitable business that makes them millions instead of billions – and still brings them tons of happiness and balance of work and family and fun. Thinking of trying to launch the next Google (>$20B in revenue) intimidates me. Thinking of launching another Craigslist ($100MM in revenue) doesn’t.

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