Yes, You Really Sound Like That

Sometimes I cringe when I’m watching a replay of a home movie, and I hear my own voice on the recording.  I think to myself:  “That sounds awful.  Do I sound like that all the time?  Is that really the way my voice sounds?”  I then answer myself:  “Yes, you really sound like that.”

Many years ago, in a one-on-one sales training session with him, Jeffrey Gitomer forced me to listen to my voice several times on an answering machine.  We critiqued my style, my enunciation, my accent, my tempo.  It was very enlightening.  I made some adjustments that have served me well since then, but more important, I’m cognizant of how I sound and what sort of lasting impression that might make.

What do you sound like?  It may seem like a trivial question, but if you think about all time you spend on the phone each day with your customers and prospects, you ought to know.  Your delivery might be getting in the way of your message.  So listen, and learn.


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