They’re Completely Missing the Point

I am disappointed (and baffled) by the unbelievably bad customer service I’ve been receiving lately.  What is amazing to me, in this economy, is that customer service is actually getting worse, instead of better.

Wait times on hold are longer.  Tables at restaurants are cleaned less often.  Employees are rude and indifferent.

The ironic thing is that this is the time when they should get better.  This is the time when customers are scarce, so they should do everything they can to overwhelm them.  This is the time when employees are abundant, so they should take every opportunity to “topgrade” their staff positions.  This is the time when their competition is going out of business, so they should build programs to grab customers who are searching for new companies to meet their needs.

Instead, they’re cutting corners, they’re slimming down their workforces, their cheapening their offerings.  What a shame.  They have the opportunity of a lifetime, and they’re completely missing the point.


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One Response to “They’re Completely Missing the Point”

  1. Chunky Monkey Says:

    Amen Brother! I wish every business owner would read and understand this. Those who embrace this will survive and grow.

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