Seek Out the Critics

Striving for constant self improvement can be an uncomfortable journey. You are constantly pushing at the edge of your abilities, and in doing so, you’re bound to stumble, or altogether fail. All along the way, people will be questioning your motives, second guessing your decisions, and criticizing your tactics. The world is full of armchair quarterbacks.

This presents two options:

You can glide through life avoiding these critics, and choose to only spend time with those people who prop you up and make you feel good about yourself.


You can take the more difficult route, seeking out the critics who will test your resolve, force you to clarify your vision, and make you stronger in the end.

Is there really even a choice?


2 Responses to “Seek Out the Critics”

  1. Wil Says:

    I guess this is an open door to critique you Matt? Well, where do I start…..

    Just kidding. Cool post and I admit I tend to fall into the first category alot. I’m pretty hard on myself, so I probably avoid candid critiques. BUt ouy’ve got me motivated!

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