Pick 10

As you become more successful in your career, choices on how to spend your time and money will continue to surface. The side business, the non-profit board, the website, the blog – all become possibilities with increasing frequency, where once they were just aspirations. Success breeds opportunity.

But be careful. The unintended consequence of so many choices can be a lack of focus. And it’s not just about opportunity cost, its about bandwidth too. When you try to take on too much, you do nothing exceptionally well.

For me, 10 projects is the limit. Any more than this, and my impact is diluted, my results second-rate. Choosing to limit myself to 10 forces me to prioritize, and if something new and exciting comes along that I want to take on, an existing project comes off the list. One in, one out.

Figure out your bandwidth, stick to that number, and you’ll find your quality of work improving and your life more in balance. Even though you might want to, you can’t do everything.


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