Post Mortem

How often do you lose a sale?  When you do, do you know why?

A frequently overlooked way to improve your closing ratio is the Post Mortem interview, a phrase which literally means “after death”.  Simply put, a post mortem is a brief review (with your customer or prospect) of the reasons you lost the transaction.  Many times it’s the last thing you want to do, once you’ve received the bad news, but it can be very use for future sales campaigns.

Start with a simple question like:  “If I could have done one thing differently to improve my chances of winning, what would it have been?”  Most customers will be happy to give you some honest, constructive criticism once the transaction is closed and the pressure of that opportunity is off.

When you collect data from enough transactions, you’ll begin to see patterns emerging.  We’d like to think the answer is simple,  like it all boils down to price.  But that’s not usually the case.  Issues of trust, relationships, comfort, and communication will come to the surface.  You can then begin to neutralize these objections up-front in future campaigns, when the opportunity is still a jump ball.

Yes, it’s more work, but we all want to get better, right?  If you’re not conducting post mortem interviews today, you’re missing a big opportunity to improve and win more deals.


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