The Opinion of a Perfect Stranger

I find it surprising (and funny), in this day and age, (when we never leave our houses unlocked, and wouldn’t dare speak to someone at the gas station), how willing we are to trust the opinions of a perfect stranger.  These days it’s commonplace to seek out the feedback of the anonymous masses before making purchasing decisions (I did so before booking a hotel this week).

Sure, we like selecting quality products or services, but even more than that, we hate making the wrong choice.  So we read reviews, pay attention to the number of stars, and are thankful that someone was motivated enough to speak up (under an alias, of course).

Websites like Amazon, Trip Advisor, and Angie’s List put so much emphasis on the input of strangers that their rating systems can literally make or break a product.  The power of a 5 star or 1 star review, articulately crafted by someone you’ll never meet, is mind boggling.

This leads me to two questions:  How would you rate if your customers began ranking you personally online?  How far away are we from this scenario becoming reality?  By the way, the domain name is available…help yourself.


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