Would They Ask for You by Name?

If you were a waiter or waitress, would they ask for you by name? Do you provide the type of memorable service that would cause people to seek you out, if they had a choice?

It isn’t that hard, really. Waiters who get asked for by name might exert an additional 5% of effort. Perhaps they remember your name, or that your child has a peanut allergy, or that you like to order the entree that’s no longer on the menu. Whatever it is, you get the feeling that they care about their job, in fact that it’s less like a job at all, and more like…art.

Seth Godin has written a wonderful book (Linchpin) about the creation of art, and how we all need to become “artists” in our own right, in this new economy.  I highly recommend it, but in the meantime, consider whether or not people would ask for you by name, if they had the opportunity to choose (which of course, they do).


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