The Deal vs The Experience

We live in the age of the “good deal”…they’re everywhere to be had. has good deals on books, Wendy’s has good deals on fast food, Home Depot has good deals on bathroom tile.  These deals have very little to do with people, and everything to do with price.

Contrast this with the noteworthy “experience”.  The experience has everything to do with people, and very little to do with the cost of the transaction.  It requires your conscientious effort, it requires your consent to over-deliver.  Dinner at Capital Grille, a honeymoon trip to Paris, a round of golf at Pinehurst #2 with caddies –  are all about the memorable feeling created by people who go the extra mile (even those you don’t see), to create something special.

Every day, you make a choice about how you engage your customers.  Do you focus on price, or do you focus on an encounter that they can only get with you?  And which are they more likely to remember….that they got a good deal on some faceless transaction, or that you gave them more than they bargained for: a remarkable experience?


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