Steve Nash has the highest free throw percentage of all active NBA players, and the second highest of all time, at 90.3% for his career.  And at only .6 percentage points behind, he has a very real chance of finishing in the number one spot (he’s trending higher as he gets older), ahead of current all-time leader, Mark Price.

It is no secret that Nash has become a prolific free throw shooter because he practices.  A lot.  I mean, it’s his job, right, to make free throws….so why wouldn’t he practice?  And it’s not just free throws, either.  Nash practices the jump shot, the bounce pass, dribbling, the alley-oop – all sorts of stuff.  And 82 games out of the year, that practice helps win games, helps fill seats, and earns Nash about $11 million a year.

How often do you practice?  Between the meetings, the cold calls, the presentations (all the game-time stuff), what are you doing with your time?  Are you getting better, or standing still?  Will you finish your career as the all-time “closing ratio” leader, or as someone who didn’t even make it to the professional ranks?  If Steve Nash has to do it (because it’s his job), why don’t you?



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