The Sales Cycle Continuum

A week or so ago, I posted a blog on Tag Lines, in which I shared my personal motto to “radically over deliver”.  Once you have a tag line, the challenge then becomes finding where to apply it, so that your message is reinforced, and your customers/colleagues/partners begin to see that it’s real, and not just a hollow mission statement.

To meet this challenge, my suggestion is to break down the sales cycle into “touch points” (the collection of which I refer to as the “sales cycle continuum”), so that it looks something like this:

These touch points represent every possible interaction that you might have with your customer, a collaborator, or co-worker during the sales cycle.  Once identified, you can begin to prioritize which touch points are most important; the places that deserve your focus and attention.  These are the places where you turn your tag line into something tangible, something that you can point to and say “This is what it’s like to do business with me, this is why I’m different”.

My touch point count?  60.  60 opportunities to radically over deliver, or 60 potential places where I could fall short of that goal.  But the number isn’t as important as knowing; knowing that the consistent reinforcement of your message, at predictable points throughout the sales cycle continuum, will define how you are seen by those around you, and establish your reputation in the marketplace.

I hope that one day, people will speak of me and say, “That guy radically over delivers”.


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