You’re Losing Until You’ve Won

Ever had one of those opportunities that everybody described as “yours to lose”, and then (surprise!) you lost it?

It’s easy to get complacent when you’re ahead, or when you’re the incumbent.  But that’s when you’re most vulnerable to attack, because you’re less aware of a competitive threat.  And when you don’t feel that competitive pressure, the tendency is to stop selling and let your guard down.

These days, every opportunity is competitive.  Believe me, every CFO, Purchasing Manager, or Decision Maker  in the country is actively pursuing competition as a way to drive down costs.  It’s not only how they like to operate, it’s likely a part of their compensation.  This is great news for new players in your market, but (potentially)  bad news for you.

A little healthy paranoia, in this case, can go a long way for you in today’s economy.  You must adopt the philosophy that until you have the signed purchase order (or better yet, the customer is  consuming what you’ve sold them), you are still competing for the business.  In short, you must always assume that you’re losing, until you’ve won.


3 Responses to “You’re Losing Until You’ve Won”

  1. Dan Alvarez Says:

    And to quote the legend, Don Draper, “The minute you sign a client is the minute you start losing them.”

  2. expattice Says:

    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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