Decision Time

Decide right now:  Are you going to continue to ignore that fact that someone on your team, someone in your network, or someone in your customer base is literally feeding you business, with no effort on your part?  Or are you going to set aside some time and money, out of your own pocket (not on your expense account), to take care of the people who take care of you?


One Response to “Decision Time”

  1. Dan Alvarez Says:

    Decision time? Sure, there are two decisions to be made here.

    First, do I want to be somebody who shows proper appreciation for the people in my life who take care of me? Sure, I hope everybody says yes here.

    Now that I’ve decided the former, I need to make my second decision(s). I need to make a determination on the value that was provided by the people who take care of me and decide on a just remuneration. It’s an internal conversation that doesn’t happen when you do not say thank you or you thank them with your expense account.

    It opens up a dialog of cost and value, it’s eye opening and should be required of all personal and professional relationships.

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