Kind Of Like Cheating

By now, most of you are familiar with the 1-to-5 rating system for auto repair service at dealerships.  The intent of this rating system is to provide objective feedback on various touch points along the service continuum, and reward those people who provide exemplary customer experiences.

Unfortunately, it’s not working.  Oh, its not like they don’t try hard, most folks do…because unless you give them a “5”, they’re out some bonus money, and so is the boss.  The problem with this rating system is that the service providers actively promote it to their customer base.  Some will come right out and tell you that anything below a 5 is unacceptable and will change the way they get paid.

What this creates, of course, is a sense of moral obligation on behalf of the customer, which in turn skews the objectivity of the rating system.  So instead of “pretty good”, the customer is more inclined to select “great”.  After all, who would want to take money away from someone they know and (generally) like who just misses the mark?  And who wants to take the call from the manager if the less-than-satisfactory box has been checked?

If you’re genuinely interested in your customer’s opinion of you, your team, or your company, make sure that the feedback is anonymous, unsolicited, and sporadic.  Anything rating system that lacks this kind of objectivity is, well, kind of like cheating.


2 Responses to “Kind Of Like Cheating”

  1. Colleague & Friend of the Writer Says:

    Very well put my friend, and I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Here’s something to think about….

    Wouldn’t it be nice if all employers actually used the grading system to give raises based on the performance. Seems like more and more companies are using it nothing more than a “keep your job” monitoring system…. sound familiar?


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