I Am Reminded

I’m on vacation today.  Actually, I’m on a 10 year anniversary trip in Napa, but that’s just like vacation, except without the little people (and by that I mean my children, not an unfortunate subset of the modern-day caste system).

Anyway, trips like this remind me of why I do what I do:  why I get up every day and try to achieve, to improve, and attempt to provide a unique customer experience by radically over delivering.



2 Responses to “I Am Reminded”

  1. Knight Says:

    Love this post! I think all of us are guilty of forgetting our priorities and the true (or what should be the true) “why’s” we get up everyday and make those sacrifices. Being in the moment and enjoying moments like you are right now is what life truly is about and intended to be.

  2. IntelligentSelling Says:

    Right on…do we work to live, or live to work?

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