Everything Is Pre-Sales

Companies often make the distinction between pre-sales and post-sales activities.  The bigger the company, the more formal that distinction becomes.  A high-level breakdown between the two functional groups might look like this:

This isolation-by-function is a risky proposition.  It can foster a mentality that the two groups are mutually exclusive, which in turn can breed indifference and apathy on the part of the post-sales team.  In truth, every customer interaction is a pre-sales event, and post-sales resources need to modify their behavior to reflect that reality.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a division of labor.  Having someone exclusively focused on installations or accounts receivable is probably a good idea. Specialization is the key to getting really good at a specific task.  But if you want to keep the customers you worked so hard to win, you need to approach every touchpoint along the continuum as a pre-sales activity.

Change the expectations, measure the results, and reward the right behavior – these are the keys to making it work.


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