The $4 Water

When I checked into my hotel this evening, I was greeted by this:

Four bucks…..FOR A 16.9 OZ. BOTTLE OF WATER!!!  How ridiculous, I first thought.  Who in their right mind would pay $4 for a bottle of water, unless there’s Scotch in it?

Then again, maybe not.  If you were in the middle of the desert, with the sun beating down on you, and your dry, cotton-mouth building spittle at the corners of your mouth…would you then pay $4 for that bottle of Dasani?  No question. You would empty your wallet for so much as an ice cube.

And if you were in a strange city, at 10:30 at night, holed up in your hotel room, with your thirst building by the minute, and no drink machines on your floor, would you open that bottle and worry about the $4 tab tomorrow?

Of course you would.  And that’s why I’m drinking it now.  Brilliant.


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