Bottle The Deadline

If you could bottle the pressure, the focus, and the productivity that the deadline creates, you’d be dangerous.  But the fact of the matter is that only 5% or so of any given workweek could be categorized as a natural “deadline zone”.  So the key is manufacturing a deadline atmosphere that helps you push through the slow spots and actually get something done.

Here’s my tip of the week:  Buy an old-fashioned kitchen timer, write down a lengthy to-do list, wind that sucker up, and see how much you can accomplish in an hour.  There’s something about that tick-tick-tick that helps you stay on task and get the job done.


2 Responses to “Bottle The Deadline”

  1. Erik Hanvey Says:

    Nice Flave! It’s crazy how much I get done the day before going out of town. I am going to start using an egg timer on my phone.

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