Message Received, Mr. Seger

Your message doesn’t always sink in the first time you communicate it.  Sometimes, you have to repeat yourself for that message to get through.  Nobody knew this better than Bob Seger, the master of repetitive song lyrics, and the singer-songwriter of classics like “Against the Wind”, “Night Moves”, and his number one hit, “Like A Rock”.

Now, I’m not sure that you need to repeat your message 16 times in the span of 6 minutes to get your point across, but Seger might actually be on to something.  Very rarely do our customers fully digest our value propositions on the first pitch.  It takes a while for things to sink in.  So if you want your message to stick, you’ll probably have to tell them more than once or twice.

Thank you, Bob Seger, for the lesson.  And thank you, Chevy, for making a bad song even worse.


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2 Responses to “Message Received, Mr. Seger”

  1. alvarezjedi Says:

    Did he sing that “Our House in the Middle of the Street” song?

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