A Permanent Leg Up

We live in a world of continuous technological leapfrogs, where each widget is replaced by the next faster, better, cheaper widget.  Occasionally, new products are introduced that seem to revolutionize a market (think Sony Walkman Cassette Player).  Over time, though, competition normalizes the curve, and the leapfrogs continue, resembling Moore’s Law, shown here:

Although tempting, these leapfrogs present only a temporary “leg up” versus the competition.  And so, while the sales reps who flock to the latest and greatest companies might enjoy the benefits of First-mover advantage, pretty soon the market will catch up, and their differentiation marginalized.

It’s far better, I think, to seek a permanent leg up…a competitive advantage that exists regardless of product life cycles or features.  And this is only achieved when intelligent, motivated, caring, empathetic and hard working people focus on solving their customer’s business problems.

Forget about the product, and the company.  It isn’t about those things.  It never was.


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