Multiple Choice

Here’s a simple multiple choice question:

A.  Do you have a manager because you need solid coaching, a sounding board, and assistance with navigating the corporate machine?


B.  Do you have a manager because you lack the motivation, perseverance and discipline to get the job done on your own?


C.  (There is no C)


3 Responses to “Multiple Choice”

  1. alvarezjedi Says:

    I can’t express how much I like this. In the past I’ve had managers who sucked the life out of me and I’ve had managers who were absentee. I’ve finally come to have a manager who motivates, inspires, and leads and I’m personally in a place where I know how to follow. I’ve never been happier with my management (sorry to my past managers).

  2. IntelligentSelling Says:

    Back to work, alvarezjedi. Reading worthless blog posts is a violation of company policy. And yes, 7:55 a.m. is included in the workday.

  3. Dan Alvarez Says:

    Okay, what about 3:21PM? And hopefully my manager doesn’t read your blog 😉

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