Tiger By The Tail

Two days ago, a friend of mine, Chris Hobart, was a guest on CNBC’s The Call.  As a retirement and investment guru, a spot (any spot) on CNBC would absolutely qualify for a check mark on the “life list”, right up there with meeting Nelson Mandela or taking batting practice in Wrigley Field.

And as I watched the segment, I couldn’t help but think how nerve-racking it must have been 5 minutes prior to air time.  I’m sure it felt something like it does right before jumping out of an airplane or the moments leading up to your first shark dive.  Butterflies.  Sweaty Palms.  Fear.

I admire Chris for putting himself out there.  He grabbed the tiger by the tail and is holding on for the ride.  All of us dream of what we want, but if we were ever presented with the opportunity to seize it, most of us would become paralyzed by fear.  We’d pass.

What will you do when you catch that tiger?  And do you really want it?  Or are you so scared of success that you’ll sabotage your own efforts to keep yourself out of harm’s way?


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3 Responses to “Tiger By The Tail”

  1. CM Says:

    I’m so scared that I’m not even sure where or how to start! Good Post and thanks. Keep them coming.

  2. BT Says:

    Great picture!

  3. Chris Hobart Says:

    Wow, sounds like this Chris Hobart fellow is a great guy! Any chance I could meet him?

    Just kidding! Thanks for the mention in the post- I appreciate it!

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