Earlier this week, 2 people (one in Idaho, the other in Washington) won an equal share of the $330 Mega Millions lottery jackpot.  I think it’s safe to say that these two individuals have a lot of soul searching to do over the next couple of months.   They now have enough money to do anything they want to, but (more than likely) not enough money to do nothing forever (see MC Hammer and the long list of lottery millionaires now bankrupt).

What would you do?  I mean after the dust settles, and you’ve taken your friends to Vegas and bought your mom a new house, what next?  Some of you are thinking you’d just quit working, travel the world and play golf every day.  But let me tell you, this would get old.  After a few weeks, you’d be itching to get back in to the real world.  And when you that happens, what would you do?

Which begs a second, more important question:  Why aren’t you already doing that today?


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