The Leader of the Band

Some of you may remember Dick Winters, the prolific World War II officer who led the US Army’s Easy Company into many harrowing battles throughout France and Germany.  His dynamic leadership was well documented by Stephen Ambrose’s book, Band of Brothers, in the mid 90’s, and then later in an HBO mini-series by the same name.

Winters, who died last week, was a true hero and exemplified many of the qualities (humility, empathy, responsibility, leadership) that we all should pursue, in the games of both sales and life.

How fitting, when asked if he was a hero, was Winters’ reply:  “No, but I served in the company of heroes”.

I take inspiration from this man; who never wanted the spotlight or credit, but was always willing to rise to every challenge and lead by example –  from the front.


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One Response to “The Leader of the Band”

  1. Judson Says:

    Very nice tribute. You and I had much the same thoughts today regarding the passing of Major Winters.

    — Judson

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