The Business of Emotion

Most of us work in fairly mundane industries.  Sure, the solutions we sell solve business problems, drive revenue, or lower costs – all of which are impressive and impactful offerings.  But what most of us lack, and should be seeking, is an emotional connection that transcends price or even total cost of ownership.

Think of industries where emotional connections are strong:  Weddings, Funerals, Babies, College/Pro Sports Teams, et al.  Here, in the business of emotion, decisions are almost never made on price, but based on how these offerings make people feel, or how they expect to feel:  when vows are exchanged, the baby spends his first night in the nursery, or the winning touchdown is scored.

If you’re looking for true differentiation, beyond a feature/benefit statement prepared by some desk-jockey in corporate marketing, look for an emotional connection.  Help your customer project what life will be like with your solution, and the feelings attached to that projection will become a powerful force.  And once your customer has become emotionally invested, the connection is hard to break.


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