People Forget…

All things considered, we’ve got pretty short memories.  After some time has past, we’re more than willing to forgive and forget.  Take BP, for example.  Their gas stations are brimming with business 8 short months after 206 million gallons of gas spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

And by the end of this year’s NFL regular season, it was like Michael Vick had never left.  For us, life goes on.

What you’ve got to realize is that your customers have short memories too.  6 months from now, they’ll forget how you helped them out of a jam, worked with them to save a lot of money, or finished the project early so they could make their son’s soccer game.

That’s why, every day, you need to fight for relevance…to re-earn your customer’s trust and respect, and make sure that they haven’t forgotten exactly why they do business with you.


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