Talent vs Will

The world is full of stories about supremely talented individuals that never achieve their potential.  Take JaMarcus Russell for example, the highly touted LSU quarterback drafted in 2007 as the #1 overall pick for the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders spent nearly $40 million (an average of $2.2 Million per touchdown) on what has been recently touted as NFL’s Biggest Bust.

The fact of the matter is that it isn’t talent that makes you successful, it’s drive, discipline, and hard work.  At least one pro athlete gets it.  Here’s what C.J. Wilson, a pitcher for the Texas Rangers had to say in this week’s Sports Illustrated:

“Talent is irrelevant.  I’ve got much less natural talent than lots of other pitchers…I wasn’t even the best player on my Little League team.  What counts is perseverance, application, industry, assiduity, will, will, will, desire, desire, desire.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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