Mandatory Behavior?

This weekend I was at a retail store in Washington, D.C., and noticed an open door to a stock room.  There, inside the room, painted in large red letters on the wall, was the phrase FIVE BASIC DEMANDS, followed by a list of things like “maintain eye contact” and “smile”.

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the store was unkempt, the staff aloof, and the lines were moving at a snail’s pace.  How ironic that the employees were not only ignoring the company’s “basic demands”, but essentially going out of their way to create a miserable shopping experience.

The next time you are overcome with the urge to put together a list of behaviors you demand of your staff, why don’t you instead go out of your way to hire the right type of people, who would behave that way inherently, without your request?  If you don’t, your words probably won’t be worth the wall that they’re written on.

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