Why Wait?

You know what the problem with salespeople is?  We wait.

  • We wait for manufacturing to improve its processes and supplier pricing, so that our product costs will drop and make us more competitive.
  • We wait for marketing and sales management to come up with new campaigns that drive incremental demand.
  • We wait for product engineering to produce new solutions that leap-frog the status quo, providing us with first-mover advantage.

In short, we’ve outsourced innovation to other people in the organization, focusing solely on the execution  of someone else’s plan.

It shouldn’t be this way.  There are plenty of opportunities to innovate in our sphere of influence and control.  At every touchpoint along the Sales Cycle Continuum, there is always room for improvement or radical change….opportunities to improve the customer experience, drive more revenue, and ultimately put more money in our pockets – through innovations that we create.

You’ve got a choice to make:  Will you wait for someone else to create your success?  Or will you take the initiative, innovate, and control your own destiny?

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