Stupid Ideas

My friend and former colleague, MJ, has a lot of stupid ideas.  Since I’ve known and worked with him, he’s consistently come up with the craziest, hair-brained schemes….most of which I chuckle at or dismiss, but some of which are insightful and brilliant.

And so when my buddy Chris showed me these Diesel Jean ads, it made me think of MJ, and appreciate his stupid ideas all the more.

Enjoy, and ask yourself:  Is smarter always better?

By the way, the rest of the ad campaign can can be found here:  Diesel \”Be Stupid\” Ads

2 Responses to “Stupid Ideas”

  1. Michael Reese Says:

    Your friend, and mine, Chris Hobart is proof that smart isn’t always better. I mean, look at the guy for God’s sake! He’s never seen a pair of shoes he didn’t buy.

    Question: has he invited you into the IMC yet?

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