This Ain’t the Ritz

The Ritz is known around the world as one of the finest hotel chains available…and they’re paid accordingly.  Room rates typically range from around $400 to $10,000 per night.  I’ve stayed at a few over the years, and though you might expect drastic differences between the Ritz and say, the Hilton, the truth is that most of the differences are marginal:

  • The beds are only marginally more comfortable
  • The decor is marginally more elegant
  • The food is marginally better (and sometimes not at all)

What really separates the Ritz from most other hotels is the customer service…the personal touch that employees are encouraged and empowered to provide.  The Ritz understands that people (some people) are willing to pay more than 3x the average nightly rate to be treated well, to be accommodated, and to be catered to.  And so they hire the right people, incent the proper behavior, and create devoted followers.

Before you allow yourself to create excuses for why you can’t deliver a phenomenal, consistent customer experience, just remember that it’s a choice.  Anybody can do it, if they really want to.



2 Responses to “This Ain’t the Ritz”

  1. Michael Reese Says:

    I like it. I would also comment that after staying at higher end hotels for the last few years, it seems like the Ritz is losing it’s shine, and the Four Seasons is absolutely setting the bar in service.

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