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Shake the Can

March 8, 2011

Move over Girl Scouts…here come the Mudcats.

Let me break it down for you:  Members of a local junior baseball team (and a couple of Dads/Coaches) were posted outside of a Sports Authority yesterday afternoon, shaking a can for money at passers-by.  No Krispy Kreme donuts, no cookies, no car wash, just a couple of kids shaking a can at people walking into the store and begging for a donation.

Really?  That’s all you could come up with?  What brain trust was assembled for this strategy?  I mean, even the Salvation Army guys have bells.  You can’t even spring for a bell?

Tell you what, next time, you can just stay at home, save the $4.00 you spent in gas money, and come out ahead.  Weak Game.  Very Weak Game.

Your Customers Know

May 25, 2010

Have you seen this sign?  Its in nearly every hotel bathroom in the country (I haven’t been in a Ritz or Four Seasons lately, but something tells me they refrain).  On the surface, you might be tempted to applaud the hotel industry’s new found sensitivity to waste, their desire to (as they say at the top of the sign) “Save Our Planet”.

But I’m not buying it.  I don’t think they give a damn about the environment.  I think they care about one thing:  Reducing Operating Costs.  What really bothers me about this campaign is that they think I’m stupid enough to believe it, and they’re willing to exploit a legitimate cause to guilt me into action.

Why hide their true motivation?  Why not write something like this: “Washing towels costs this hotel a lot of money.  Like everything else, we pass these costs on to you by increasing nightly rates.  Help us keep our rates reasonable by using your towel more than once, like you do at home.  Oh, and by the way, its good for the environment too.”

What’s the moral to this story?  Customers know when you’re being genuine.  They know when you pretend to care but you really don’t.  So just be honest with them.  They’ll respect you a lot more for it.

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