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February 8, 2011

This week’s Fortune magazine features a one-page article on serial entrepreneur Adam Rifkin (see page 27).  The title of the article is “Fortune’s Best Networker”, and goes on to point out that Adam is, well, very connected.  He has 4,978 Facebook Friends, 5,673 Twitter Followers, and 3,087 LinkedIn Connections.

It also turns out that Mr. Rifkin also has 8,989 Quora followers.  Wait a second, Quora followers?  What the heck is Quora?

Funny you should ask.  This is the first I’ve heard of it too.  Apparently, Quora is a place where people pose questions and other people post answers to these questions.  Sounds a lot like to me.  But then again, perhaps I should refrain from comment, since before today, I had never heard of the site, and our friend Adam already has more Quora followers than he does friends on old-school Facebook.

I like Rifkin’s sole quote in the article:  “It’s who you know, not what, that’s responsible for the big things in your professional life”.  I agree.  And I don’t know if Quora will turn out to be The Next Big Thing or not, but if it’s a means to that end, then sign me up!


3 Online Tools You’re Not Using Today (But Should)

January 21, 2011

I’m as guilty as anyone of clinging to the old way of doing things.  Post-It-Notes, business cards, books made of paper (no Kindle for me) – that’s about my speed.  But lately I’ve been exposed to a few online tools that I found intriguing:  tools that will make your life easier, make you more productive, and save you from duplication of effort.    For your review:

Boardroom Insiders provides comprehensive executive profiles with detailed information about decision makers’ current initiatives, work history, even personal life.  They offer ad hoc reports (for when you’ve got a meeting with the CIO next week and need the latest dope) and also offer a subscription option that provides unlimited access to their extensive profile database. Beats the hell out of Google searches, believe me.



Dropbox gives you up to 2GB of online storage for free, and up to 100GB if necessary (for a fee, of course).  Laptop died and your latest presentation with it?  No problem – just hit your Dropbox account and launch it from any PC, anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

They even provide a mobile app for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Very cool.


You’ve got to check out Ace of Sales.  Once you get past the ugly bald dude on the home page (no, that’s not me), you can see that this website is full of useful tools for managing customer relationships.  And this ain’t your daddy’s CRM.  It integrates with your email system and imports your contact lists, allows you to send personalized emails to hundreds of people at once (and tells you who opened them).  It will also send greeting cards, post cards…even perforated thank you notes with gift certificates attached.  If only it filed expense reports…

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