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Please Stop Talking

May 14, 2010

Who is always the least interesting person at a party?  The guy who talks about himself all the time.  And who do people find interesting?  The girl who asks questions, shows genuine interest, and is engaged in the conversation.

Most sales people (including me) love to hear themselves talk.  Its hard to ask open-ended questions and wait for your customer to finish, intently taking in their answers.  Instead of listening, we’re preparing the rebuttal, anxious to take over the conversation so that we can dive into our pitch.

In a recent post, Wil Brawley @ suggests that asking “why” like a five year old forces you to justify the decisions you make – and make adjustments to your business based on the answers you come up with.  His post reminded me of how important it is to ask questions, and how valuable (although difficult) it is to let your customer do the talking.

Try this:  The next time you talk to someone (in a social or business setting), make a concerted effort to ask questions and listen intently.  You may be surprised by how much you’ve been missing.

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